Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is the second dumbest holiday in America (after St. Patrick’s Day–don’t get me started on St. Patrick’s Day), but it is a BFD in Japan.

All weekend, my female students baked homemade cakes and chocolates and cookies to give to their friends, the boys they like, and their ALT, apparently.  I had girls come to my desk during lunch and accost me in the halls with snacks.


And apparently my Valentine’s Day was pretty tame.  Other ALTs said that even the female teachers at their schools made chocolates for the male teachers with notes.  That didn’t happen at my school, though one male teacher had at least a dozen sweets on his desk, so I guess the students think he’s the cute せんせい at our school.


Is it weird that I took a picture of another teacher’s desk? 

Some girls even write personalized notes on their sweets, which is bonkers considering the amount of people they give them to.

On Valentine’s Day, girls give chocolates to the boys (or to their friends, which I like better #galentinesday).  There’s another holiday in March called White Day, where the boys reciprocate with white chocolates.  It remains to be seen whether or not it’s as big a holiday as Valentine’s, but I’m guessing not.  Because boys are lazy.

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